Message in the Bottle

Oh geez… I was tagged by Adrian to write this post. A chain post, with a picture of a bottle on the sand… Why should he write my name on his post? Gyahahahaha… but it’s ok, this is interesting anyway…

So, because of this task from Adrian, I would like to tag anyone from my blogroll to do the same. This is the chain message :

“I am floating this bottle on the ocean of blog, wishing that everyone who read this will do the same, so the scattered memories won’t be disappear. And then, always visit my blog, even if I don’t have another interesting or amusing topics to write, because it helps me think that there is someone out there who are always want to know what is in my mind. And it’s fun! So, don’t hesitate to re-post this kind of message as long as you do not take it seriously, no harm message please, thank you!”

message+in+a+bottle+tag+dari+icha copy

And here is the rules:

You can write anything on your virtual message in the bottle. Leave your message on a bottle or on the sand, anything you wish to write, joke, quote, or even a poet. Hope that anyone that read your message will do the same too!

  1. Compose your virtual message.
  2. Right click and save the graphic below.
  3. Use your graphics program to place the message that you’ve composed in the first place, on the picture.
  4. Post your message in your blog along with these rules.
  5. Tag a minimum of 5 bloggers – or your entire blogroll – to do the same. Notify them of the tag.

Remember, there is no necessity to do this, just do it if you want to, have fun!



One response to this post.

  1. ur message : bener banget… kalo kita buat jahat juga kita bakal diingat karena perbuatan jahat kita… cuma mungkin ga “nice memories” lagi

    tenang g juga dipaksa kok –‘ gada keharusan.. tapi lo ga g paksa juga mao –‘


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